120I was born in the Soviet Union, in a Siberian city that is called Kemerovo. I have graduated from Moscow State Industrial University as a lawyer. I moved to Finland to my husband in 2013. My husband is a citizen of Lithuania. He is an employee of a Finnish company. In Finland I got a diploma in Business Administration. I worked in Vaasa Adult Education Center. For four years I took part in projects implementation aimed to assist migrants. The main goal was to help migrants to adapt and to feel themselves as an integral part of the Finnish society. Taking part in the projects I understood that I can and I want to do more than that. I want to have my say in the life of my city and my region. I do care about their present and future. I prefer the Greens because conservancy and human rights protection can provide basis for building a sound future. The most important and closely related topics for me are welfare, health, education, work and multiculturalism.


I want the city and the area around it stay pure. It is essential to pay attention to keep the center of Vaasa and its suburbs clean. I want enterprises to take care not only of their premises, but also the area around them. Companies’ interest in cleaning services can create new workplaces as well as provide students and unemployed with a possibility to have an additional income in the summer or during the whole year.


Physical and mental health promotion are the critical success factors for personal growth and the society development. Sports clubs have wonderful possibilities for health promotion and healthy lifestyle stimulation. But it is getting too expensive to go in for sports and physical training in the latest years. The task of the municipality is to provide resources to the city’s sport societies so that they could organise open sport events for everybody, regardless of age and income.

Education and Work

I want enterprises to take an active part in student professional training. I want them to be interested in providing training opportunities and workplaces for students. Training is a great possibility to get experience and to acquire contacts in the field of the interest. But very often the lack of resources forces companies to deny. For example, Economics students consider it more difficult to find a training opportunity. It is necessary to keep companies aware of possibilities to hire a trainee. It is also important to provide support if needed. To help entrepreneurs and freelancers to develop we should create city “business incubator” (startup sauna).


I think an individual approach is needed to make the process of of integration faster. It is important to organize places where people from different backgrounds could meet each other. This can be done on a voluntary basis so that each one has an opportunity to take part and to share his ideas and experience. It is important for the migrants to have a chance to get help in their native language. This will make the integration process faster and will provide the possibility to preserve one’s own culture and identity